What is a Mobile Landing Page?

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Landing pages have recently gotten some buzz, and are becoming more popular as everyone relies on other outlets such as social media sites, App Stores, or other third-parties to do the “heavy lifting” of selling a product. A landing page is really just a simple website, usually limited to a single page of information, used to promote, sell, inform, or educate a user about a single topic, product, or service.

Check out these personal landing page sites for an idea of what you can do for your “personal brand”:



Taking it Mobile

In the same ways that regular landing pages are important, so are mobile landing pages. A mobile landing page is basically a scaled down version of a regular webpage, allowing it fit onto a mobile device, such as a smartphone. Making any webpage simple to navigate, read, or interact with is crucial to making a real connection with a user, and this is even more important on a mobile device, because people’s attention spans are much more limited.

A mobile landing page can be a great tool for many different things:

  • Use it as a “launch pad” to other mobile content
  • Embed videos right into the page for direct access to media
  • Use geo-location to assist or guide the user in some special way
  • Simply promote a product or service

Shown above is a mobile landing page built with Landr, promoting a fun 5k/10k/1-mile run event going on near Halloween. This mobile landing page was built for promotional purposes, but can be used to get directions from a smartphone, or contact the event organizers for those looking to get involved. You can view it at wickedhalloweenrun.landr.co.

It’s Not Just Screen Size

From afar, the conversation of a mobile landing page really comes down to fitting content into a limited size screen. However, there is much more to mobile landing pages, and mobile websites than the width of the page. In fact, the width of anything on a mobile device should be relatively fluid to meet multiple device’s needs. This is more along the lines of how we define it: A mobile page is one that is contoured to the needs of a mobile user, from feature prioritization, to the use of new technologies, it is more engaging, dynamic, and personal than a full webpage.

Notice the stress placed on the user, because unlike full webpages, where we can almost be sure a user is sitting down, a mobile user might be driving, walking, or in a situation that a full website can not be prepared for. It is because of this, that a mobile landing page is not just a matter of size and scale. Mobile pages should have different features than a full website, ones that are important for the expected user.

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